Our Value-added Process
Our process that adds value and minimizes expense

Civil Design Group builds value engineering into every step of our process. Careful planning, a well-honed understanding of marketability issues, and a focus on efficiency result in land planning and design recommendations that realize your vision while maximizing project value.

Site evaluation and layout recommendations
Our first step is to evaluate how to create the most value for every acre you are developing. We consider the natural contours of the land, the surrounding parcels, current government entitlements, and existing roads and utilities in order to develop broad-brush land-use recommendations with an eye on maximizing retail marketability and overall project profitability.

Environmental issue analysis
We have high levels of experience in dealing with wetland, floodplain, and storm water issues. Identifying potential issues or problems and developing solutions early is the surest way to assure a smooth, hassle-free development process.

Zoning, permitting, and other entitlement management
We are well versed in the zoning, permitting, and other entitlement processes and we are well acquainted with city and county officials in Southeast Nebraska. This combination enables us to move projects along quickly while proactively avoiding potential regulation obstacles.

Civil design
Once the initial evaluation steps are complete, we proceed with overall site design. We develop grading, drainage, and road network designs that maximize retail value and aesthetic appeal. We effectively integrate new utilities with existing infrastructure to create complete utility plans for water, sewer, electric, gas, phone and cable systems.

Development Consulting
We help developers estimate the retail potential of property by evaluating: Design opportunities and constraints Zoning options Permitting requirements and challenges Environmental issues. Our development consultation services can help you decide whether or not to purchase a particular property, or determine how to most advantageously develop a property you already own.