Staff & Partners
Civil Design Group – Key Staff & Partners

Mike Eckert, Partner
Mike Eckert has a Master of Community and Regional Planning from the UNL College of Architecture and has significant experience in land development, site selection, governmental entitlements, subdivision design, development marketing, and public presentations.

Mike’s expertise includes coordinating the site selection and site planning process; as well as guiding the civil layout, landscaping design, platting process, permitting process, parks and trails dedication, or wetland dedication and mitigation. As a licensed real estate professional, Mike also has experience in commercial leasing and development, translating into a firm understanding commercial development design, marketing, and financing.

Darrick Rademacher, Partner
Darrick holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, and is a Registered Professional Engineer in Nebraska and Minnesota. He has extensive experience in residential, commercial and industrial site civil design ranging in size from small subdivisions to large retail developments, including several Wal-Mart Supercenters.

Darrick has the exceptional ability to look at a site and accurately assess the site’s strengths and weaknesses—and then envision how the site can be developed to maximize its potential both from marketability and profitability viewpoints. His visionary nature has gained him respect and repeat business from numerous developers.

Jill Schuerman, Land Planning Specialist
Jill has years of professional experience in land subdivision planning. In addition to being a strong site designer, Jill clearly understands design standards, zoning regulations, and permitting requirements. She knows the submittal process inside and out, assuring applications are fully processed when first submitted.

Justin Crow, Project Engineer
Justin is a civil engineer with extensive experience in the land development arena, particularly with infrastructure design. Justin is a Registered Professional. Engineer in Nebraska and KansasWith his in-depth experience in utility planning and design, he functions as a project manager on many of our projects.

Our partners
Civil Design Group has established ongoing relationships with sub-consultants critical to the land development process. We partner with a variety of licensed surveyors, geotechnical firms, environmental/wetland delineation firms, and traffic engineering firms. Our extensive network of partners enables us to solicit multiple proposals, increasing project cost efficiency. In addition, our clients have come to appreciate our ability to call on these experts to efficiently move projects to completion.